About Us

Members of The Dental Group of Puerto Vallarta are dentists of the very highest caliber with many years of experience. They are among the most highly trained and skilled dental specialists anywhere in the world.

When you become a patient with any of our dentists, you can be assured of receiving the best blend of art and science in cosmetic dentistry available.

We are happy to say that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the number one destination for dental procedures worldwide because of our low prices and state-of-the-art cosmetic dental centers.

Come and enjoy our the warm tropical water and the golden beaches. Puerto Vallarta is full of beautiful art, shopping and fun things to see and do. We are only 2 hours from San Diego and you will have a wonderful time exploring, sightseeing and taking tours.

Please write to us with the procedures you have in mind. We will promptly reply.

The Staff
The Dental Group of Puerto Vallarta